APM fields doesn't exist in kibana APM observability and empty values in errors and metrics

Hi team, I am newbie using apm, using apm-server and apm-agent php,
apm-server 7.12
apm-aget-php v1.3

The problem here is there are some fields that don't exist in the index, for example: http.response.status_code and when I tried to view errors in the APM dashboard there is no data

And this for metrics

I am trying to reproduce errors in the application to test but looks like there are fields missing
For example:

I am getting errors 5xx.
But looks like I am missing a lot of data. If I check the Transaction details I see this.

This is the configuration that I have for apm-server and apm-agent-php


    apm-server.yml: |
        host: ""
        apm-server.rum.enabled: true
        apm-server.rum.allow_origins: ['*']
      queue: {}
        username: '${ELASTICSEARCH_USERNAME}'
        password: '${ELASTICSEARCH_PASSWORD}'
        protocol: https
        hosts: ["elastic-client-${ENVIRONMENT}.${ENVIRONMENT}.example.com:443"]

and for

apm-agent-php (php.ini)

    elastic_apm.bootstrap_php_part_file = /apm-agent-php-1.3.1/src/bootstrap_php_part.php
    elastic_apm.server_url = http://apm-server.kube-system.svc.cluster.local:8200
    elastic_apm.service_name = "Litespeed Service"

My question here is, there are some missing configurations here? I think is default but not sure and I can't find examples of configurations in the documentation, I am using Kubernetes, so the apm-server is a pod and the apm-php-agent was added in our application Dockerfile using the official helm-chart.



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