APM fields

Hi Elastic Team:

I successfully built my Elastic APM system, the versions of each module are as follows:
Springboot : 1.5.10
Java: 1.8.0_161
APM Server : 6.3
APM Agent : 0.6
Elastic :6.3

I have seen several APM fields not defined in the official documentation, but can be seen in Kibana.Just like 'context.response.headers_sent ' and 'context.request.headers.referer',what does these fields mean? And why are these fields not defined in the official documentation?

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Hi there,
thanks for your interest in Elastic APM.

"response.headers_sent" is a boolean used to indicate if the HTTP headers in the response was sent at the time the error occurred. (So it's only relevant for errors)
"request.headers.referer" is the address of the previous page from which a user was linked.

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The flag headers_sent reflects ServletResponse#isCommited. It is set on transactions and errors.

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