APM in kibana only shows my java application frontend

I am using the following application,Deployed on a GKE cluster,opbeans-java

the application as such is considered as the backend while the RUM part is considered as frontend.
To get the RUM part I just added a java script to the index.html of my web application, between title" and "link":

     ;(function(d, s, c) {
       var j = d.createElement(s),
         t = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0]

       j.src = '/js/elastic-apm-rum.umd.js'
       j.onload = function() {elasticApm.init(c)}
       t.parentNode.insertBefore(j, t)
    })(document, 'script', {serviceName: 'opbeans-java-UI', serverUrl: 'https://ab2d61b6130e479a8ac013d86b83bbc6.apm.us-central1.gcp.cloud.es.io:443'})
    <link href="/css/opbeans.css" rel="stylesheet">

at times I have managed to display both the frontend and backend on the services screen:


However, without having made any changes to the application I now only see the frontend.

Does anyone know what this could be due to?
thanks in advance.

Hi @irivas95 ,

You should check the troubleshooting guide in our documentation.

Here I would suggest to start by looking at the Java agent logs, checking the configuration (which is displayed when the app/agent starts), then checking for any error in the logs that could indicate a communication issue.

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