APM JAVA AGENT Support Spring Bean Instrumentations

Hi. It's my fisrt topic and I don't know if spring plugin had already on the roadmap and when it will be released? Indeed, after I read the code of pinpoint, I tried to add this plugin myself, but I faced the problem about dynamic instrumentation for each beans.


Thanks for the interest.
ATM we are focused on capturing a wider range of incoming/outgoing operations, since they provide the highest value of info and they enable distributed tracing, and some additional fundamental agent capabilities. So, although it seems interesting and we may decide to support that in the future, this is not on our immediate focus.
However, we DO have a way to allow users to monitor any code that is not automatically traced by using our public API or the OpenTracing bridge. We tried to make it as intuitive and easy as possible, so it should provide an easy way to instrument your Spring beans.
You can see examples for using it in this blog post.

I hope this helps.
Good luck!

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