APM kibana source code

Hey there!
I'm new to creating dashboards in Kibana, and I'm looking for a good way to learn. I'd like to create a dashboard that would have some similar features to APM, such as:

  • Being able to filter the time series directly in one of the graphs
  • Being able to click a link to access another visualization (e.g. in APM, we first see the available services, and when we click on a service, we see the transactions associated to that service, and if we click in a transaction, we then see information specific to that transaction in particular)
  • Being able to customize the way the data is presented (e.g. seeing "exception backtrace" and "metadata" as tabs)

I could only find basic tutorials about creating dashboards, that don't really go into these issues. Would it be possible to create such a dashboard? Are there any more advanced tutorial I'm missing that would go through how to create a dashboard like this? Could you point to me where in the APM/Kibana source code the Kibana side of APM lies, so I could use that as a base to create my own?

Any information you have would be very much appreciated!
Thank you very much!

First place I'd suggest to go to is this:
There are tons of webinars on all portions of the stack, I found 2 about APM in a quick search:


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