APM metrics

i have hosts hosting multiple applications and i want to setup APM on some applications.
But i want to collect metrics from the server and i dont want to collect metrics from each agent/application running.

any idea how to do this?
can i connect metricbeats to apm?


If I understand you right, yes, you can setup Metricbeat to collect system metrics. You do not connect Metricbeat to APM, but to an output (usually Elasticsearch, but Kafka and Logstash are available options too).
That output can be the same one that you use for APM.

Alternatively, you could also enable metrics reporting in one APM agent, and disable it on the rest. Some agents also send application-specific metrics.

I hope this helps a bit, let me know if you have further questions.


Thanks Juan,
Whan i mean connect Metrics with APM, is that, by example,if i can know memory or cpu usage of an application. I dont see the point of configuring all apm agents in a server with more that 100 applications running on different pools.


I misunderstood you then. If you want to know things like memory/cpu usage of an application, GC stats and such; then APM agents provide that for you - you don't need Metricbeat for that.

If you don't want to collect metrics from all applications, then just disable metrics reporting in those agents from which you don't want metrics.

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