Log Collected Metrics instead of posting to APM server

Hi Team,

Happy to use APM agent, thank you for the great documentation.

Is this possible today ? We want to run standalone java application offline, with metrics getting collected in background and whenever the application comes online, agent could start posting collected metrics to APM server.

or if it has a way to report collected metrics to log file, we can ship them anytime when machine is online.

any suggestions on this ?

Hi and thanks for the question :wave:
Currently this is not possible.
However, the APM Server may support spooling to disk soon, and we are considering enabling a setup of local APM Server. If and when both of these efforts are implemented, I think it will enable what you are looking for. Sorry I cannot provide timelines or even issues to track, but you can follow our releases/publications/announcements.

This issue tracks the disk-based queue: Disk Queue GA meta-issue · Issue #22602 · elastic/beats · GitHub

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