APM need to configure for just apache

Hi All,
I have configured apm-server to monitor tomat-apache logs it is fine, but I need to monitor just apache without tomcat, is it possible to monitor?
If yes please let me know the configuration process!

Thanks in Advance.

Hi Kranthi,

There is currently no out-of-the-box solution for tracing within Apache httpd. For this, a couple of things would be required: an Elastic APM agent with a C API, and an httpd module using that agent to hook into httpd events. Neither of these exist today.

If you don't specifically need APM trace data, but you want logs and/or metrics, I'd suggest taking a look at the Filebeat and Metricbeat Apache httpd modules.


Thanks for the reply,
After installing the metricbeat latest version, I am unable to get the modules.d folder in /etc/metricbeat for enabling apache logs. May I know the reason or am I doing the wrong process?
Kindly correct me.

Hi, I'd suggest asking that in the beats forum to get answers from the beats experts. But if you want to process apache logs, you should probably have a look at the Filebeat Apache module.

Hi, sounds like you may have run into a known metricbeat issue, please see this discuss entry.

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