APM Problems with Entity Framework 5 DB Transactions

I have an APM:7.13.1 setup and using it sucessfully with nodejs. In my asp.net core with entitiy framework 5 solutions I'm am facing a small issue that I'm not seeing the transaction start and commit or rollback.
I tried two different versions of creating the transactions:

using (var scope = new TransactionScope(TransactionScopeAsyncFlowOption.Enabled))
     // some db calls here


var trans = dbContext.Database.BeginTransaction();
// some db calls here

Unfortunatly in both I'm not getting the trace but I see all my DB requests.


Hi @Klauck,

could you elaborate on "not getting the trace but I see all my DB requests"?
What do you mean by trace/DB requests here? Do see any data in Kibana?
Thanks for clarifying.


Hi Wolfgang,

I do see data in Kibana .. all sql queries and also all requests going out.
What I'm missing is the instrumentation of the transaction as I see them in nodejs.
e.g: START transactinon & SET isolationLevel.

In my dotnet solutions is is simply skipping this information from the apm logs (in kibana)
I see as example this (missing the stat ransaction and the commit:

But Maybe this is an entity framework issue/thing!?
I'm using TransactionScope(TransactionScopeAsyncFlowOption.Enabled) but had the same issue when I created the transaction via dbContext.Database....



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Hi @Klauck,

unfortunately, our agent does not instrument these parts of EF.
If you are interested in this functionality being implemented, please open an issue in our GitHub repository.


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