APM Roadmap (again)

(Pablo) #1

Hi team

Apologies for creating another topic about the roadmap (the other topic has been closed). I am interested in instrumenting C/C++ and Java applications.

I've seen many responses about prioritising Java and micrometer, but I'd like to know, if possible, what the long-term roadmap is too (even if it hasn't been prioritised yet). And, obviously, if the roadmap includes C/C++.


(Rasmus Makwarth) #2

Hi Pablo
thanks for reaching out. We have indeed had many requests for Java support, and it remains high on our priority list. Unfortunately I don't have any updates on C/C++ support at this point.


(Pablo) #3

Thanks Rasmus. Is the overall roadmap publicly available? A Trello board perhaps? :slight_smile:

(Rasmus Makwarth) #4

We don't plan to make the roadmap publicly available.

(system) #5

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