APM roadmap

(Trondhindenes) #1

It would be awesome to have a rough roadmap for APM. What are the planned agents? (As far as I can see, theres currently python and node available, but python only supports django and flask). I've seen some comments about a Java agent. Are those 3 the only planned agents or are there more on the way?

(Ron Cohen) #2


Thank you for your interest in Elastic APM.

We'll soon start work on a Java agent and a Go agent.

It sounds like you'd like to use Python with a different framework than Django and Flask. What did you have in mind?

Ron Cohen

(Nitul Kukadia) #3

Is there any update for integration with spring-cloud-sleuth , to trace micro service interactions ?

(Ron Cohen) #4

No updates yet, unfortunately. I've noted your interest for support for Spring Cloud and Spring Cloud Sleuth though. Thanks!

(Trondhindenes) #5

We run .Net (both classic and core), python, and Node and need an APM that works with (at least) those three. Doesn't look like .Net support is on the roadmap.

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