APM roadmap

It would be awesome to have a rough roadmap for APM. What are the planned agents? (As far as I can see, theres currently python and node available, but python only supports django and flask). I've seen some comments about a Java agent. Are those 3 the only planned agents or are there more on the way?


Thank you for your interest in Elastic APM.

We'll soon start work on a Java agent and a Go agent.

It sounds like you'd like to use Python with a different framework than Django and Flask. What did you have in mind?

Ron Cohen

Is there any update for integration with spring-cloud-sleuth , to trace micro service interactions ?

No updates yet, unfortunately. I've noted your interest for support for Spring Cloud and Spring Cloud Sleuth though. Thanks!

We run .Net (both classic and core), python, and Node and need an APM that works with (at least) those three. Doesn't look like .Net support is on the roadmap.

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