APM roadmap question

Hi there,

I was wondering if you have in mind adding to APM something similar to a service map view. Is this something that you guys have considered for your roadmap?. The information is already available (average latency, failure rates, etc) is just the widget that is missing.

Any thoughts here would be helpful.

Carlos M.

Hi Carlos,

Such a feature is on our rader, but nothing has been committed to the roadmap yet. We're mainly still in a process of investigating the best solution, so your feedback is helpful. We already have a topic on the same type of view, perhaps you can add some thoughts or comments there. It's great for us to have your considerations and thoughts included in our exploration. A couple of questions to help scope it;

  • Would you be looking to map your entire services infrastructure, or only the part that relates to say a specific trace?
  • Beyond latency and error metrics, what information is otherwise important to have in this view?

Thanks for your feedback!

/ Casper

Hi Casper,

Thanks for the reply. If you want you can close this topic as I'm adding my feedback in the topic link provided.

Thanks again,
Carlos M.

Will do - thanks Carlos!