[Feedback wanted] New time comparison feature in APM 7.13

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The entire team is excited to introduce time comparison into the APM Service overview in 7.13 and we'd love to hear what you think of it? Here's a short summary of what it's all about;

Time comparison view allows users to quickly do a direct comparison of current and historical behavior. For instance, they could overlay today's performance with yesterday's performance, or last week's performance to the week prior. Such time comparisons are a common stop in an investigative workflow, and can help users quickly spot deviations from past behavior.

You can learn more about the feature in the documentation.

Feel free to leave your feedback in this thread when you've had a chance to try it out. We really appreciate it.

Thank you!



I LOVE the comparison addition. It's a feature I adore in AppOptics and have rarely seen a competitor to. It's painful to recreate something similar in Grafana, even.

While Day and Week Before are the most used options, I'd like to see 2, 3 and 4 Weeks Before as choices, too. Four Weeks being the most beneficial because it's a ~month ago (and is better than "1 month ago" because it ensures we are comparing the same DAY OF WEEK -- that's crucial)


Thank you Michael for the positive feedback and suggestions around customizing other comparison times as well. We'll definitely take note and consider this for future enhancements.

It would also be great to have this option available on the Transactions view.

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