Is there any way to configure the APM agent in compliance with the GPDR?
Something like this: Configure Real User Monitoring according to GDPR | Dynatrace Documentation


Yes, you have several options:

In APM-Server you can disable this setting: General configuration options | APM Server Reference [7.13] | Elastic to not process IP / User Agent.

Agents have options as well to not send certain data (typically request body and headers); you need to look at the docs of your specific agent. This is how to to do it in the .NET agent, for instance: HTTP configuration options | APM .NET Agent Reference [1.10] | Elastic

Finally, if you want to remove any other fields that you consider problematic, you can configure ingest node to add a new pipeline eg. to remove fields with a RemoveProcessor: Parse data using ingest node pipelines | APM Server Reference [7.13] | Elastic

Hope that helps!


thank you a lot! just to make sure, for the RUM-Agent currently (5.8.0) the only option is to use the APM RUM Agent API - Filter Payload function, or am I missing sth?


Hi, yes, for RUM that is correct.

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