Apm-server installation without fleet server in single node

Can we install the APM server version 8.7 without fleet server in single node...? if yes, does it require to have internet access to install and integrate with apm-server. Because I have been trying to install the fleet server in disconnected environment but unable to do it. Any help will be appreciated.

In 8.7 you have the option to run the apm server standalone, without Elastic Agent & Fleet or apm server managed by Elastic Agent & Fleet.

For standalone apm server, no Fleet-Server or Elastic Agent is required, you do still need to install the apm integration via Kibana.

Fleet Server is a central component when using Elastic Agent. Therefore, you need to have a Fleet Server running somewhere when running the Elastic Agent & Fleet managed apm server. The Fleet Server can be run by the same Elastic Agent that runs the apm server, or by another Elastic Agent. You can find more information on how to run Elastic Agent in an airgapped environment.

If you are only interested in running the apm-server and no other integrations, then you could preconfigure the apm integration installation in the kibana configs, see apm-server#10361.

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