Problem adding apm integration in Fleet (on-prem+no-internet) version 8.1.0

I am trying to install elk stack on my own servers. I am able to install and configure Elasticsearch, kibana with air-gapped package registry as well fleet server. So far so good.

Next stop I am trying to install APM server so that my application can send the data using the javaagent. And this is where I got stock.

I had previously installed APM wihtout fleet and had collected all data form my applications using the java apm-agent. But now with fleet I have no luck.

The apm server which I had installed previously does not work anymore neither I can install the apm in the fleet server.

When I navigate to integrations tab in kibana to install apm I see a missmatch between version ie.(kibana is version 8.1.0 including all other service which I have updated to version 8.1.0) but the apm server listed here has version 8.0.0.

If I use this version I get error as version mismatch and I cannsee any way to update the version which is available here.

And when I try to add agent I get:

Did I missed anything here?

Use the Fleet API to check the packages and if the package exist on your EPR setup...

you can also delete the existing package and re-force it to be downloaded into your EPR

Processing: Screenshot 2022-03-24 at 21.22.12.png...

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Thank you very much for the reply. I could use the api to check for the package and yes the registry contains apm with version 8.0.0. I not sure about deleting it and forcing will since I do not have any of my servers connected to internet.

Due to your issue you will need to reload the correct package.... if you cant you need to reload the repository, following the instruction you used to implement it. It is usually the elastic-agents that don't have internet access but can reach the repository locally. Having a repository itself that cannot update will lead to more problems unless you have a mechanism to modify packages such as re-pulling the docker image... as in the documentation.

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Hey Thank you very much. You suggestion actually helped. I downloaded the new docker container for the package registry. Kind of misleading that the package-registry version 8.1.0 contains apm version 8.0.0 und now I updated the container to version 8.1.1 and it now contains the apm-8.1.0.

Thanky again for your super help.

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