Does Elastic Package Registry need to run for APM to work?

I am setting up APM and understand that the Elastic Package Registry container needs to be running in order to generate the APM server token.
Elastic Registry Package

After the initial setup is done, does the Package Registry container still need to be up and running for APM server and agents to run properly?

Kibana version: 8.5

Elasticsearch version: 8.5

APM Server version: 8.5

APM Agent language and version: Java

thank you

Anyone knows?

If you only use Fleet for APM Server, you can preconfigure the installation of the apm integration. In most recent versions, the integration is bundled with and installed from Kibana and does not necessarily require an EPR for apm data ingestion. Everything else related to Fleet requires a reachable EPR though, so you might still see some error logs. discusses in a bit more detail the effects of not having a reachable EPR in airgapped environments

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