Error setting up Fleet Server to monitor .NET or JAVA code monitoring using APM feature

I want to use APM feature for my .NET or JAVA code monitoring.
Going through APM Guide 8.1, it tells us in order to install APM, we must have below 4 components:
APM Agents, Elastic APM Integration, Elasticsearch, Kibana
Going through Elastic APM Integration, it tell us that
the Elastic Integration runs on Elastic Agent.
Which again takes us to Fleet and Elastic Agent Guide
In the Guide, it tells us that there are 2 ways to install Elastic Agent
Install a Fleet-managed Elastic Agent (Recommended) and Install Elastic Agent in standalone mode (advanced users)
I choose the recommended step since it is a first time for me.
It is telling us we need to first install Fleet Server
I followed this link then, since I am a new user:
Inside Step 1: Set up Fleet
It is giving us the steps to install Fleet.
I followed the steps under Self-managed

  1. Login to Kibana and go to Management>Fleet>Settings

  2. Under Fleet Server hosts, I gave the fleet url as https://localhost:8220

  3. I skipped the 3rd step, since my elasticsearch is running with security enabled.

  4. Save and apply the settings.

  5. Click the Agents tab and follow the in-product instructions to add a Fleet Server.

  6. Using the agent policy as below:

  7. Downloaded the elastic agent which will be used as a Fleet Server:

  8. Chosen the deployment mode for security as below:

  9. Added Fleet Server host as below:

  10. Generated a service token as below:

  11. Tried starting Fleet Server on my windows machine using the command as given below:

    Followed the troubleshooting guide.
    On Fleet Server startup, ERROR seen with `State changed to CRASHED: exited with code: 1```
    Then a different error as below:

Hi, after the last error as mentioned above, I see that the Elastic Agent is installed and running in Windows Service Manager, but the errors are still coming the same in cmd as above and in the Kibana UI, I see it is stuck at:

As I understand from the APM Guide 8.1, I need to first install Fleet Server before doing anything else can anybody help me with this.

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