APM through fleet deployment not starting correctly

I tried checking the github but I am not finding anything like this. Where is the config stored for the APM Server when its deployed via policy through fleet? I think if I could look at that I might be able to determine what is going on.

I am on ver 8.5.3 -kibana - elasticsearch - fleet - agent.

I cannot get an agent to connect to the Server. I found that the port is not open.

I have Elastic Agent installed on RHEL 8.

I installed from the linux downloaded package

Perhaps I have not installed correctly as the logs are not coming through to the fleet panel in Kibana. I am going over the log I got off the machine but hesitant to link here for fear of sharing data. I will go over it and see if I can find a relevant section to share.

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Hi Patrick!

Sorry for the late reply.
You can look at the APM Server configuration either at the Agent policy - View policy action, or at the Integration policy - Edit integration page.
Hope this helps.