Elastic APM 8.2 in kubernetes

We are trying to instal APM server 8.2 to trace our applications. AS APM Server standalone is deprecated, trying to get APM server running in our kubernetes cluster. Could you provide sample YAML to run APM integration in kubernetes cluster. Also do we need fleet server for APM integration to work or can we run without fleet. If fleet required, could you provide sample YAML files to deploy fleet in kubernetes and enable APM integration. Thanks

I recommend that you install fleet, and enroll elastic-agents to be managed by fleet.

Information on installing a fleet-server are available here: Add a Fleet Server | Fleet and Elastic Agent Guide [8.2] | Elastic

Information on installing elastic-agent to kubernetes, as well as sample yaml manifest files, are available in our documentation: Run Elastic Agent on Kubernetes managed by Fleet | Fleet and Elastic Agent Guide [8.2] | Elastic

You'll need to update the manifest files according to the configuration for your fleet server, such as updating FLEET_ENROLLMENT_TOKEN in the yaml manifest for elastic-agent.

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