Apm-server stops when i close my ssh session

I have apm-server installed on a ubuntu ec2 instance in AWS and it is sending output to another ubuntu ec2 instance running elasticsearch. I have the apm agent installed and working on an node.js app.

When I log into the apm-server instance and issue : apm-server -e it launches and connects properly. Kibana shows data from the node app and all looks great.

But if I close my ssh session to the apm-server instance, it appears that apm stops running and my node app fails do to connection refused when the apm agent tries to connect to the apm-server. As soon as i log in via ssh and run apm-server -e, all starts working again.

How do I have apm-server run persistently in the background?

If you install using APT, then you should end up with a systemd service, which you can run in the background with "sudo systemctl start apm-server". Logging will go to /var/log/apm-server.

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