APM transaction didn't consider the delay in jms

Hi Team,
I use JMS for inter component communication. Component one published an event and the second component received the same after around 5 seconds could be some issue with our messaging platform. But here APM failed to show the latency in the dashboard.
Following are the events published.

Assuming it's the same issue somebody had already raised and now fixed, could you please confirm if it is? and what is the version number that includes this fix.

Hi Gajanan,

What Kibana version are you using? I believe this is related to some clock-skew-correction code we had fixed in https://github.com/elastic/kibana/issues/38871, so should be presented better in latest versions.

I addition, I am doing some experimentation of enhancing our tracing for the receiver side, so that we can trace not only the message receive action, but also what happens after it. If you can you try out this experimental snapshot and provide feedback, that would be great.


Hi Eyal,
I am using 6.7.2 planning to upgrade to 7+. I could easily tested the snapshot shared to verify latest feature but cant replace directly as now I am using locally built jar for couple of fixes.

One of the main fix I want is already raised here #749

Could you help getting this #749 prioritize, then it would be easier for me to replace the jar.

I would have rather committed on github but somebody from core team might need to approve the approach.

Not a problem- open a pull request and we will review it. Go over the CONTRIBUTING page for more info about the process.

Created the pull request.

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