APM transaction for Postgres only showing Begin and Commit statements, why I can't I see the statements in between?

All of my transactions that include sql queries are only showing the begin and commit messages.... Is it supposed to display the actual commands that were executed in between?

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Could you share which agent, which version, and which database driver you are using?


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I am using the apm-server:7.7.0 helm release, along with elasticsearch helm 7.7.0 and the apm agent in nodejs: "elastic-apm-node": "^3.6.1" with Postgres v11.6

Did you already add pg_state_activity and pg_stat_statement?

Perhaps you need to view this URL, that similar to use APM:


Fadjar Tandabawana

Hmmm so my elastic and applications are running on Kubernetes but my database instance is running on AWS RDS, not sure I'd be able to add those to AWS RDS? Where would this collector be added for elastic apm deployed via helm to kubernetes?

Please check this if you need to check the pg_stat_activity or pg_stat_statement:

Thanks. I have activated this on Postgres and the command "SELECT * FROM pg_stat_statements LIMIT 1;" returns successfully. However I am still not seeing the sql commands in my spans, just BEGIN and COMMIT.

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