App Search Analytics - Number of Queries/hr


I have a cloud and local deployment of Enterprise Search that is backing a website search experience for external and intranet websites.

These sites are using the basic App Search analytics with '-X Enterprise-Search-Analytics'.

I would like to find a way to show the number of queries run against the meta engine in use for each to find when the most active query times are during the day.

The API logs are doing great with the basic analytics, but trying to find a high-level count of queries/hr is another detail I am looking for.

I see the 'logs-enterprise_search.api-default' template and related indices. While I was looking around in Kibana > Analytics > Discover I'm not sure what to dig for to find this info.

I may be getting a little closer to what I am looking for. Digging in Observability > Logs > Stream - _index : .ds-logs-enterprise_search.api-default-[date] I can see the search queries there.

Trying to figure a good way to pull that into the Discover area...

Might have answered my own question. After going into Discover and putting in a filter like:

_index : .ds-logs-enterprise_search.api-default-2023.04.27-000009 AND http.request.method : POST

Then filtering by only a single day, this may be enough to show query activity against the meta engine. The only issue is if I want to do multiple days at a time, I get the error about"

"Can't store an async search response larger than [10485760] bytes. This limit can be set by changing the [search.max_async_search_response_size] setting."

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