App search docker with meta engine

I have a production environment which uses meta engine to query 2 engines.

I want to replicate this locally for development. Is it possible to use meta engine in the app search docker image for local development - the docker image doesn’t seem to have meta engine available through the UI

Thanks for raising this question, Ben! Meta engines are indeed available in local/self-managed deployments, but they require the underlying Elasticsearch node to have a Platinum license. You can generate a 30-day Trial license for your Elasticsearch node using the Start Trial API ( Once activated, meta engines will be available for the duration of the trial.

Thanks for the reply @casey

I have now activated the trial on my local es node using the following curl command:

curl -X POST "localhost:9200/_license/start_trial?acknowledge=true&pretty" and the response was successful.

However the AppSearch console doesn't seem to have the meta engines available? Do i need to configure the something with AppSearch?



HI Casey, even after activating the trial the Api for creating Meta Engines ie:http://localhost:3002/api/as/v1/engines upon post gives the response as 401 unauthorized , i have tested this with all types of keys provided by app-search ie search,private and admin keys and the response is always the same.
Can you please show the way we can create meta engines in self hosted App search in Docker

App Search may not have picked up the license change in Elasticsearch. Try restarting App Search.