App search - Multi term synonyms

Hi there :wave:

I got the impression that Multi term synonyms are not currently supported by App Search ? Or is there a special way of configuring this ?

My example use case: ai => machine learning

This was matching documents that would have only learning and I would like only to match documents with the phrase rather machine learning if we type ai.

Thanks in advance.


Hi @Gerardo_Zenobi,

Thanks for raising this! I've taken a look, and was easily able to reproduce the behavior you're describing. I'll file an issue, so that we can better address this in the future (either by supporting mulit-token synonyms, or by preventing you from adding them and documenting why).

Thanks again for the report!

Thanks for the quick response @Sean_Story :+1:

Would you be able to keep me posted on this through this thread?


I can (and will) try to remember, but a more reliable method is to watch for our release announcements and to read the Enterprise Search release notes. These discuss threads auto-close after 30 days of inactivity, and I'm unsure if I have the ability to re-open them if the fix takes that long to get in.

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