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Just a quick thing :

Given - I have an understanding that we need to add synonyms to the engines where we want to search using similar meaning words.
Question - Is synonyms for basic or obvious words are taken care themselves like (male-man, cloth-fabric etc) ? As There are some words I may need to tell the engine explicitly but If I am searching for "male" a result should appear for "man" as well.

Please let me know if such functionality exists or any integration that I can do to reduce my burden of providing thousands of synonyms otherwise.

Kanav Sharma

Kanav Sharma

Team @Elastic, Kindly suggest.

hi @kanavsha :

I'm afraid there are no preset synonyms in App Search.

However, you can use the Synonyms API to perform an automated ingestion of synonyms from an external source or thesaurus.

Keep in mind that synonyms are not compatible with precision tuning!

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