Assistance with a proper searching technique

Hey everyone,

I tried looking around (my searching skills probably sucks) to see if there is an example of getting partial matches. Would anyone have any idea?

So for example my list of search terms would be:
["Fort", "Worth"]

In my database, there are many entires that has "Fort Worth". But there is a couple of entires that are listed as "Ft. Worth". I cannot simply change it to "Fort Worth" because this data gets pulled from a 3rd party service. The search happens in real-time (with every keystroke).

If there is any articles that you want to link, feel free to link them so I can read it over.

Hi @Steven_Garcia,

I think that here what you need is a synonym search, check here about a post that explain how to setup synonyms. The post is not too old (elastic 6.x) and there's a lot of links to the documentation.

There's maybe other blog about I just take the first result on google and check quickly about, as it look fine I paste it here.

Only one notice about the blog, it only use a list of synonyms as array in the settings, for production use you'll go with a file, so you'll define your synonyms in the file then you need to open start your index to apply the changes (FYI this operation have a cost). Anyway just check about the synonyms and tell us if it what you want. :grin:

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I will take a look, hopefully it wont be too costly. :joy:

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