AppSearch synonyms

Hello Team,
I'm using AppSearch 8.12 and I want to know all about AppSearch synonyms. So I have questions, can help me? :

  1. Appsearch can have synonyms API for one direction as Elasticsearch done, example : "car => truck" ?
  2. I added synonyms "bye => goodbye" to Elasticsearch, so Appsearch will automatically be affected this synonyms or not relevant?

Hi there @Cong_Hoang thanks for the question.

In app search we only support creating synonyms that are bidirectional. So the => syntax supported in files and the synonyms API are not supported. Furthermore the Synonyms API is not supported in Elasticsearch out of the box, since we define other analyzers and don't know about any custom analyzers that use these synonym sets.

If you need this support in your App search index, the workaround would be to send in requests directly to the underlying Elasticsearch indices using the Elasticsearch search API configuring an analyzer that is set up with the configured synonyms set.