App Search Sort by Id ASC incorrect

Sorting by Id doesn't seem to work with AppSeach/Enterprise search. Please see the reference UI sort by id. For some reason the id starting with b is before the id starting with a.

Am i missing something?

Also is it possible to sort by name - but case insensitive?



Sorting by id should work.

And i don't think you have that level of control over sorting. You could try indexing name into a separate field that is lower cased for sorting.

Hi Jason, Thanks for the reply

Sorting by id should work.

The image above is showing the "reference" UI generated by app search - so it's decinitely out of order based on the id.

Any idea why this would be the case?


I wonder if the case discrepancy in your example query is a factor - Id != id ?

Hi @Mark_Harwood ,

The UI generates the labels from the document properties - so think it's just capitalized in the label. I'm seeing this same behaviour in my own UI too

Hi There,

Ok now strangely enough the order seems to have changed?

I have not changed the query in any way whatsoever - however now there seems to be other items out of order which have been added more recently.

Is there someone from the appsearch team I can chat to to get this sorted?

Thanks for reporting this @Ben_Flowers. I can confirm the issue and that we'll have it addressed in an upcoming release.

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OK great thanks for that - was convinced i must have been doing something wrong!
Is there an ETA on the upcoming release?

@Ben_Flowers The recent 7.9.1 release should include a fix for this.

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