Order by ID is not working

Hello, I'm doing a search where I need to order the documents by its ID. The ID is always a number.

The filter by ID works OK, but the sorting by ID has no effect.

I have another field in my documents that replicate the ID's value. When I sort by this duplicated field, it works ok.

Sure, I can sort with this additional field, but I wanted to let you know about this ID situation. Maybe I'm doing something wrong.

This is my query:
{"query": "","page": {"size": 1000,"current": 1},"result_fields": {"id": { "raw": {} }},"filters" : {"idproducto": {"from": 0}},"sort": {"id": "asc"}}

Hey @gpribi,

Thank you for letting us know. Glad you have a workaround for now.


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