App Search Wierd Issue

Hi Everybody, I have the App Search subscription. In my search engine when I do the following search:

{'page': {'size': 200},'query':'kesavananda bharti v. State of Kerala'}

It returns zero results. However when I do the following search without specifying page size:

{'query':'kesavananda bharti v. State of Kerala'}

It returns proper results. And the following query with page size:

{'page': {'size': 200},'query':'kesavananda'}

also works properly. I am not sure what is going on. The first query on top is supposed to fetch proper results.

Any ideas are welcome. Thanks in advance.

hi @pknaangal

It should work, both the page.size and query are specified correctly in your examples.

Maybe try and call the request through cURL, just to rule out any issues with how you are making the request in your application.


Thanks Joseph, unfortunately I have tried everything. It simply does not work. So I had to remove the page size, and just pass the query. This brings 10 results only on the first attempt, but its better than 0 results.

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