Search api problem with filter geolocation field

    "query": "",
    "page": {
        "size": 5,
        "current": 1
    "sort": {
        "write_date": "asc"
    "filters": {
        "all": [
                "map_location": {                
                    "distance": 10000,
                    "unit": "m",
                    "center": "13.757966, 100.5345012"

When I make a request with that body, it doesn't return any data. However, when I increase the page size to 500, it does return data.

Hi @Apiwat_Jaisak !

Could you please use the Search Explain API to obtain the Elasticsearch queries that are being done with the two page sizes, and post them here so we can take a look at the problem?


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