Apply filters to a Kibana iframe

I have a html code with a Kibana embeded webpage embeded in. I would like to apply some filters from this web container and be able to visualize them in the Kibana iframe. How could I do it?

What type of filters are you trying to apply?

Tags filters and time filters. For example if I have a tag called "source" that can be src1,src2 or src3. I would like to filter all my logs according to these values but from my HTML webpage which is like a "wrap" where I have my Kibana webpage included.

We are tracking a number of enhancements related to this use case (see below).

Right now, you can manipulate the options in the embedded dashboard URL programmatically. For instance, in the query string, you can vary timeframe and search query:

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@tbragin I do it that way where I manipulate the iFrame url and reload the iFrame.

After updating to kibana 4.4.1, now when I reload the iFrame kibana disappears and then reloads the same way it does when it first loads. When I refreshed the iFrame in version 4.0.1 the dashboard would still be visible until it was updated.

The new way of having it disappear and then reappear is really jarring. Is there a way around this?