How to apply filter(s) to all the embedded iframe visuals

I would like to embed visuals into a webpage. I guess I can use a dashboard to have a filter applied to all the visuals, but I was wondering if I only had a bunch of visuals on a webpage, is it possible to have a filter(s) affect all the visuals?


Using a dashboard would be the best route. The dashboard is already designed to coordinate filtering and other settings between panels.

I don't know of any way you can set filters for an individually embedded visualization from the parent document (perhaps you could alter the URL state, but that could get messy).

Hi Andrew,

I also have a similar type of question. I have embedded the dashboard into the UI and don't want to show a whole bunch of data to the end user. I have added controls in the dashboard. My initial dashboard looks like this:.

Then, when I filter out the dashboard charts by clicking on any of the graphs, the dashboard gets filtered, but the user doesn't get any clear button to unselect the dashboard filters. After clicking the dashboard, it looks like this:

However, after doing that, there is no option to cancel the applied filters. If I select the filter while copying the iframe code, the "Filter" button on the right-hand side also shows on the UI, which allows the end users to see all the fields present in the index:

Could you please guide me on how to solve this problem? I am using Kibana 8.7.1 and RTS UI 7.


I see, I was hoping there would be something like Tableau's Embedding API

@Kumar_Abhinav those are the only options we offer ATM. But, this is a pretty common request. We're tracking it in this issue [Dashboard] Allow Authors to Limit Interactivity · Issue #9575 · elastic/kibana · GitHub.

@Amphagory yeah, I think there's definitely room for us to expand support for the embedded use case. Thanks for linking me to the Tableau API—looks pretty powerful.

cc @devon.thomson

Hi Andrew, What is the plan to launch this feature? I am reading this thread I GIt since 2017.

@Kumar_Abhinav, we've been unable to prioritize this functionality so far, but it is a highly requested feature, which makes it higher on our roadmap. @Teresa_Alvarez, the above request Allow Authors to Limit Interactivity has been gaining a lot of traction lately - we should make sure to reflect this in our Jira.

@Andrew_Tate @devon.thomson If I wanted to create a similar Embedded API for Kibana, is there a resource I contact when I need help?

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