Applying ilm to system template

Hello, i enabled monitoring in stack monitoring section in kibana, and it generated indexes .monitoring-es-7-* and .monitoring-kibana-7-*. I wanted to apply ILM to this indexes as there's currently no ilm attached. I tried to apply to the legacy index template, it showed there.

but it's missing in the ilm section:

The ilm is set to delete after 3 days, but the index is still there:

Will it trigger at certain time? or will it be triggered automatically the moment the ilm is applied? or is it not applied yet?

edit: i'm using kibana and elasticsearch verison 8.4.3

@alisongoryachev can we please get some help here? Thanks!

Just looked at the .monitoring index, the ilm is indeed applied, although it took some time. I'm sorry for the confusion

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