Are there any API payload documents?

Hi all,

I am newbie in ES. I am wondering if you want to know some fields' meaning
belonging some query type, where can you find this document? Are there any
site of it?

Because I want to know the meaning of a field in the return payload of some
query, but I cannot find these information.

I apply the terms_stats facets query, the return payload contains the
following payload:

"facets" : {
"total_tags_terms_stats" : {
"_type" : "terms_stats",
"missing" : 54715,
"terms" : [ {
"term" : "personal",
"count" : 1063,
"total_count" : 254,
"min" : 0.0,
"max" : 322.0,
"total" : 707.0,

I want to know the meaning of the count/total_count, but I cannot find any
document of it, even in the official site.



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