Explanation of each fields of _stats api data

Hi there,
How can find documentations for explanation of json data returned by _stats
for index. I mean meaning of each fields not just high level description.
Specifically, For the following data

"primaries": {"docs": {"count": 1789457,"deleted": 0},"store": {"
size_in_bytes": 2085533463,"throttle_time_in_millis": 582538},"indexing": {"
index_total": 297925,"index_time_in_millis": 113345,"index_current": 0,"
delete_total": 0,"delete_time_in_millis": 0,"delete_current": 0},

I can't find out meaning of index_total field. and index_current field. for
this index the document count is 1789457 which is about 3 times of the
index_total value.


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