Are there limits for the 14 day trial?

I was wanting to try out the 14 day trial, but i was curious about a few things. It says free, but is it really, completely free? I was dabbling the opensource versions, but i wanted to try some of the most interesting topics such as ML, etc.

1- is there a data/log limitation? I wanted to try out your ML with ~ 7tb of data, creating like 10b records.
2- Is there a way to download the resulting ES DB? I was thinking that ingestion is great, but wanted to try to download the esdb at the end to streamline standing up my own instances or migrate from the free trial to a standard account?

3- If i have a conf file for logstash, could I post files to the hosted logstash instance for processing, or would I need to use my own logstash instance to process the data and send it to your Cloud Solution?

The trial on Elastic Cloud is free but limited in size. It will most likely not be able to handle the volumes you mentioned. If you install the default distribution on your own hardware you can however activate a free trial licence that is valid for 30 days and not limited in size.

Ok. I'll have to see what I can do then. Also when up upgrading versions of elasticsearch, will my machines need time to reindex everything to maintain new standards? I'm curious as to how seamless the upgrades are for my current hardware.

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