Are we able to add basepath on ECE repository setting?

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I tried to add basepath attributes on ECE repository by clicking the advanced button. But seems doesnt work.

Are we able to do this in ECE? Or did I miss anything?

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Hi @weibin.wu,

I believe you are referring to adding a snapshot repository with the Advanced options as described in and then you are trying to specify the base_path setting as part of the JSON.

Is that correct? And if so, can you show me the JSON you are specifying, minus any security-related information?


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Hi I am using the Advanced options with this

"type": "s3",
"settings": {
"region": "ap-southeast-1",
"bucket": "es-ece",
"base_path": "prd-reward"

I already enable [list, put, get, delete] object to S3 bucket.
But the snapshot still go into s3://snapshots/[cluster_id]/

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Can you check the cluster's snapshot settings? eg if you go to the Kibana console and GET (something like) /_snapshots/<repo-name>, what does it report the settings as? If the base_path is set there, then something weird is happening with the snapshot module itself (this is unlikely)

I think the most likely explanation here is that you need to tell the system to reapply the snapshot settings. You can do that (for example) by re-applying the existing cluster "plan", eg "Cluster > Manage > Edit > Save" .. that will cause a quick pipeline of actions that will re-apply the snapshot settings to the cluster (and do basically nothing else)


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