Arithmetic operation in kibana


I have an index where i am storing a number of items per category every day. I store one document for each category, for example:
{date:22/07/2019, :status: TOTAL, count: 1000}
{date:22/07/2019, :status: SOLD, count: 400}
{date:21/07/2019, :status: TOTAL, count: 800}
{date:21/07/2019, :status: SOLD, count: 300}

I want to display a line graph that calculates for each day the difference between TOTAL and SOLD. It is, for 21/07/2019, it will display 500, and for 22/07/2019 it will display 600

Initially i wanted to create a scripted field, but, since they are different documents, i realised i could not do that.

Any idea on how can i create this with Kibana?



Do you have strong reasons for creating a document for each category? You can use either timelion or time series visual builder for doing this.


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