Mathematical Operations

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Hi everybody. I´ve been working on Kibana for 5 months and it's a great tool for designing dashboard. Now, I don't if it's possible, but I want to work with diferent variables in mathematical operations, I've read that this isn't implemented on Kibana, yet, and others says that there is a workaround, so I'm not sure and I would like to know if any of you have tried this. Hope you can clear my doubts and help me.

(Brandon Kobel) #2

@BERUSO have you tried using the Scripted Fields in Kibana? You can use these to do some calculations on the fly:

If you're analyzing time-series data, Timelion also offers some additional mathematical operations:

(David Tito Jordy Ruiz Sotelo) #3

I've tried Scripted Fields to calculate one variable, but what about calculating 2 different variables and then use mathematical operation between those ones and show a trend graph of the 3 calculations. Is it possible?

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@BERUSO unfortunately you can't reference Scripted Fields from other Scripted Fields, but you could potentially duplicate the scripted field logic.

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