Arithmetic operations on count result

Hi All,

I'm new to kibana ( Kibana 4.5) and I would like to know, if there a way to apply a simple math operation on count result like multiplication or division.

I tried to add a script_fields on JSON input by following the documentation but it does not work...

My goal is to multiply this result ( see Example below)

Thanks for your help.


If you wanted to say, multiply the count by two. One way to accomplish this would be to use a scripted field. In Settings > Indices > Scripted Fields create a new field with the script simply being "2".

You can then create a metric to SUM the new scripted field.

I am able to multiply a numeric field with this script :

doc['numeric_field'].value * 2

but my goal is to multiply a count result query ( with a non-numeric field)
eg: Multiply unique count of client_id ( client_id is not a numeric document)

Visualize: Field [client_id] used in expression must be numeric

I'm not sur if we can do this with Kibana right now.



Try setting the script to "2", then using SUM instead of COUNT

Did you tried in JSONInput like this {"script":"_value*2"} to multiply the output?(in this case to get 2 times the Unique count of ClientId )


wow, great recommendation really helped me.
what else can be done with the json script?