Simple operations on count result

Hi All,

Simple question but I can't find a simple answer : I would like to know, if there a way to apply a simple math operation on count result like multiplication or division. ( Kibana 5.6.3)

I tried to add a script_fields on JSON input by following the documentation but it does not work...

My goal is to multiply this result ( see Example below)

Thanks for your help


you could achieve it by scripted fields. In the screen shot below I have selected the Aggregation: Sum and field as count_field: This gives you the count of the docs. Pasted image at 2017_11_01 03_33 PM (1)

Now add a scripted field like shown below where you can apply mathematical calculations on the fields:

This way you can achieve what you wanted multiply the result .

Hope this helps

Thanks, works perfectly.


Thanks for updating the thread.


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