JSON input on result

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Is it possible to do arithmetic operations on results? I'd like to subtract 1000 from sum. But it seems like JSON input treats _value as input value before doing the sum

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Can you provide more context? What are you trying to accomplish? What Kibana plugin are you trying to apply sum to the response?


(Mike W) #3

I tried different Kibana visualisations. I started with Bar graph and SUM.
Normally sum of 5 elements (each element has a value set to 2), results in 10.
But when I add to JSON input: {"script":"_value+1"} it adds +1 to every 2, and all 5 values of '2' become '3', and the result is 15.

What I need is to add 1 to the results, so I am expecting 11. How can I achieve this?

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