Array data in documents

How in the table to deduce lines from a data array?
There are documents in the index, where data is stored in a nested array.
When a filter is used, and only one thing needs to be found, the table also displays the rest of the information that is in this document. How to make the table display only what is filtered, regardless of whether it is in the array or not.

Can you please provide a sample document, the index mapping, request, and response? That will help clarify the problem.


Sample documents, where objects in array

   fn.reqs.req	     	 {
      "shortName": "ET",
      "name": "Name1",
      "content": "Content2"
      "shortName": "TR",
      "name": "Name2",
      "content": "Content2"

I provide more information on this issue.



simple doc

index mapping

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