Assign primary shards to specifc set of nodes

Hey there,

I have an ES 6.2 cluster consisting of preemptible and non-preemptible-nodes on gcloud (preemptible nodes can re-start at any point in time). The idea here is to have a (smaller) set of nodes which do not restart and a larger set of nodes which can restart. To ensure data-correctness, the non-preemptible nodes should always contain all primary-shards, thus always guaranteeing availability of the full-dataset. Replica-shards may go to any node (as long as it is balanced).

I did however, not find any setting which differentiates for shard-allocation based on it being a primary or a duplicate shard. Shard-Allocation seems to only work index-based, not shard-based.

Is it possible to assign primary-shards only to a specific set of nodes?

No, it is not possible to control placement of primary shards. Elasticsearch can promote any replica to primary when needed, so this can change over time.

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