Assigning Multiple Roles to one Kibana Space


I want to assign multiple roles to one space, but I also want one role to be able to view specific dashboards or even if they have access to the dashboard to only see data that I give them access to. For example, I want to create a management role that can see the management dashboards w/ management data, and I want to create regular employee dashboards with their data. So essentially I want an employee role and management role to have access to a single company space. I have 30+ companies that I want to do this for, so I want want to avoid having to create two separate spaces for each group in each company because that would end up being 60+ spaces. Is there anyway that I can do this without creating two separate spaces?

Hey @pkward

If I got your question right, I think you can do this with a mix of roles and kibana priveligies applied to a given space. More info about this at Kibana role management | Kibana Guide [7.15] | Elastic


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