At least one primary shard for the index [.security-7] is unavailable

Getting bellow error but elastic and kibana both working fine. Let me know the issue?

org.elasticsearch.action.UnavailableShardsException: at least one primary shard for the index [.security-7] is unavailable
	at ~[x-pack-security-7.9.0.jar:7.9.0]
	at [x-pack-security-7.9.0.jar:7.9.0]
.... all shards failed
	at [elasticsearch-7.9.0.jar:7.9.0]
org.elasticsearch.action.NoShardAvailableActionException: No shard available for [get [.kibana][_doc][space:default]: routing [null]]
[2020-09-21T21:23:54,004][INFO ][o.e.c.r.a.AllocationService] [Innode] Cluster health status changed from [RED] to [YELLOW] (reason: [shards started [[.kibana_task_manager_1][0]]]).
[2020-09-21T21:24:17,331][INFO ][o.e.c.m.MetadataIndexTemplateService] [Innode] adding template [.management-beats] for index patterns [.management-beats]

What's the output from _cat/allocation?v?

Thanks for the responce. Please check following output
get _cat/allocation?v

    23       22.6mb    75.3gb    124.6gb    199.9gb           37 node1
    16                                                                                   UNASSIGNED

get _cat/shards?v

index shard prirep state docs store ip node
.kibana_task_manager_1 0 p STARTED 6 326.2kb node1
.kibana-event-log-7.9.0-000001 0 p STARTED 1 5.5kb node1
rawdatas 1 p STARTED 1446 509.2kb node1
rawdatas 1 r UNASSIGNED
rawdatas 3 p STARTED 1501 518.4kb node1
rawdatas 3 r UNASSIGNED
rawdatas 4 p STARTED 1459 480.8kb node1
rawdatas 4 r UNASSIGNED
rawdatas 2 p STARTED 1483 460.3kb node1
rawdatas 2 r UNASSIGNED
rawdatas 0 p STARTED 1432 450.9kb node1
rawdatas 0 r UNASSIGNED
configuration_file 0 p STARTED 4 115kb node1
configuration_file 0 r UNASSIGNED
satas 1 p STARTED 6347 1.4mb node1
satas 1 r UNASSIGNED
satas 3 p STARTED 6354 1.4mb node1
satas 3 r UNASSIGNED
satas 4 p STARTED 6408 1.4mb node1
satas 4 r UNASSIGNED
satas 2 p STARTED 6473 1.4mb node1
satas 2 r UNASSIGNED
satas 0 p STARTED 6261 1.4mb node1
satas 0 r UNASSIGNED
.apm-custom-link 0 p STARTED 0 208b node1
.apm-agent-configuration 0 p STARTED 0 208b node1
metrics 1 p STARTED 901 399.1kb node1
metrics 1 r UNASSIGNED
metrics 3 p STARTED 918 416.8kb node1
metrics 3 r UNASSIGNED
metrics 4 p STARTED 918 434.1kb node1
metrics 4 r UNASSIGNED
metrics 2 p STARTED 967 437.2kb node1
metrics 2 r UNASSIGNED
metrics 0 p STARTED 954 418.1kb node1
metrics 0 r UNASSIGNED
.security-7 0 p STARTED node1
ilm-history-2-000001 0 p STARTED node1
.kibana_1 0 p STARTED 11 10.4mb node1

That would suggest that there isn't a problem. Is that log you posted the latest one, or older?

This logs are latest only

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