Audit log file does not appear in the node

In my Elasticsearch cluster (version 7.6.2 - installed using the resource) I have set to true under my nodeSets:

GET /_xpack/usage
    "audit" : {
      "outputs" : [
      "enabled" : true

but no <clustername>_audit.json is created under ES_HOME/logs.

However in my ES_HOME/config/ file I see: =
logger.xpack_security_audit_logfile.level = info
logger.xpack_security_audit_logfile.appenderRef.audit_rolling.ref = audit_rolling
logger.xpack_security_audit_logfile.additivity = false
appender.audit_rolling.type = Console = audit_rolling

Is the audit_rolling.type correct? Do I need any extra configuration?
Thank you.

Audit logging is a Gold license and above feature, so make sure you have the correct license level.

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